We are not solely in need and gratitude for financial supplementation. We are looking for grassroots heroes! We need social media organizing champions! The grassroots advocacy from volunteering activists like you, who will make this dream possible. Word of mouth is priceless and you are our saviors! By clicking on the application to become an associate with assistance, you will become an active member of our campaign and a spokesperson for those in need.  

Although our current hands on activities have been postponed, we are still planning to continue our activities at a later date. We stand side by side with other organizations to keep concert goes safe and healthy. We provide education for our communities via sexual education. We provide talks and information on life tips to stay healthy. We provide an outlet of resources for drug testing, STI screening as well as other assets to keep a healthy mind and body. We also use our activism to support local artists, musicians, actors etc by providing a place for them to have work. We provide vendor opportunities for local artists to sell their art work as well as participate in local charities. All of these things have been put on hold, unless we receive your help. With your help we can continue to provide an outlet for artists to sell their work, musicians to play, and performance artists to perform. Join our team, join the movement, and sound off today for a better tomorrow!  

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