If you are feeling anything like we are, then you must be eager to help. Well, here’s how! We are not just looking for monetary support. Our campaign needs in grassroots facilitation of food, household essentials and other targeted disbursements. Join our team! Stand united with our cause and join the movement! Let’s help those in need and stabilize our economy. We can use your help with spreading the word, collecting and dispersing essential supplies to those in need

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Our current campaign is directed towards the aid of our nation’s gig and service industry workers. We are here for you and have prepared a campaign to provide limited monetary assistance for those who qualify. We aim to raise $10 million in monetary funds to assist people in the distressed Gig and Service industries nationwide. We are also aiming to access monetary grants from local governments, and work on targeted local initiatives with them, as well as providing cash based financial stimulus to distressed communities in which we are targeting.

We are not solely in need and gratitude for financial supplementation. We are looking for grassroots heroes! We need social media organizing champions! The grassroots advocacy from volunteering activists like you, who will make this dream possible. Word of mouth is priceless and you are our saviors! By clicking on the application to become an associate with assistance, you will become an active member of our campaign and a spokesperson for those in need.

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