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Beats for a Better Tomorrow is a Maryland registered 501-c3 not for profit organization. Our vision is to enrich the lives of others through education, art, music and activism. Our mission is to provide a platform for community outreach via grassroots activism. We strive to support our communities through our passion for the arts (visual, technical, musical, dance etc).

Why do we support the arts? Artistic people are the world’s unsung heroes. They write, produce, and share so many songs that help us when no one else can. They design graphics for everything from our favorite companies logos to the designs on our clothes. They create art that we keep on our shelves and walls that turn our living spaces in homes. They educate our loved ones how to play instruments, dance, create pottery and so much more. They mix the sound and create the light shows at our favorite concerts and festivals. The list goes on, but what remains the same is that these brilliant people only get paid per gig. Many people live without insurance and go without pay. This is why we are advocating. This is why we are calling for action.

We would like to ask you this:

Have you benefited from the hard work of an artist?

There are plays, concerts, comedy shows and other creative events that have been postponed due to the pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of people are at home without work. We are not just here for our nation’s artists. It is the hard working people in our service industry who are also struggling. Many people have lost their jobs simply because it is a health hazard to provide a service. Our friends and family could go bankrupt. Now is the time for us to come together. Now is the time for our nation to prove how tremendous small efforts can be when we work in masses. Now is the time to help! 

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has many of our hands-on activities on halt until further notice. This will not stop us from following our hearts in fighting for what’s right. We are passionate about helping others, especially our service and gig industry workers who affect our daily lives. We are asking for your help today, to ensure that our nation’s unsung hero’s can have the help to get their basic essential needs.

If you are wondering how to help, then we have many options for you! We have created a platform for options in which we can collectively fill in the gaps. A little can go a long way during this time of crisis. We desperately need your help! There is absolutely no way that we can do this without you! Make this dream a reality by donating today!

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Our current campaign is directed towards the aid of our nation’s gig and service industry workers. We are here for you and have prepared a campaign to provide limited monetary assistance for those who qualify. We aim to raise $10 million in monetary funds to assist people in the distressed Gig and Service industries nationwide. We are also aiming to access monetary grants from local governments, and work on targeted local initiatives with them, as well as providing cash based financial stimulus to distressed communities in which we are targeting. 

If you are feeling anything like we are, then you must be eager to help. Well, here’s how! We are not just looking for monetary support. Our campaign needs in grassroots facilitation of food, household essentials and other targeted disbursements. Join our team! Stand united with our cause and join the movement! Let’s help those in need and stabilize our economy. We can use your help with spreading the word, collecting and dispersing essential supplies to those in need

We are not solely in need and gratitude for financial supplementation. We are looking for grassroots heroes! We need social media organizing champions! The grassroots advocacy from volunteering activists like you, who will make this dream possible. Word of mouth is priceless and you are our saviors! By clicking on the application to become an associate with assistance, you will become an active member of our campaign and a spokesperson for those in need.









Have you been affected by this pandemic?

Are you a member of the Gig or Service Industries? 
Are you looking for relief? 

We are looking to help you.  Below you will find our application for assistance. We are committed to helping our community get through together.  If you would like to apply for assistance, please make sure to follow all of the directions on the application, and feel free to reach out to us by email with questions: contact (at)
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